Monday, October 11, 2010

School Takes Over

when school takes over your never get to blog! ok, i can't just blame it on school. i got so wrapped up in nannying and moving and school starting that i couldn't even begin to think about blogging. as i procrastinate studying for an exam tomorrow night i thought i would give my blog some love! i have found so many fun new blogs to follow i decided i would dedicate this entry to OTHER blogging friends!! so here goes:
I just started following her blog, but I LOVE it.
This is also another new blog for me, but she is hilarious. Catch her on twitter too!
This is a classic preppy blog that always keeps me excited about anything and everything preppy! She is awesome!
Crush on everything on this page! I LOVE their daily preppy outfits. Amazing ideas!
Talk about an amazing blogger, this girl rocks. Her shopping ideas make me want to go out and buy a new outfit everyday! Amazing blog!
I could write about SO many more blogs, but these are ones that I browse in a daily basis. I wish I had more time to blog about life and how crazy these awesome students are that I have right now! As soon as I compile a list of awesome quotes from them, I will throw it up here for ya'll. They truly say the darnest things!
Happy Fall Everyone!

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