Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moving forward...

Life has been filled with changes and exciting new adventures. I have about 31 days until I graduate with my masters and about 2.5 months until I make my big move. Lots of school, lots of family and a little bit of play. Here are some pictures to sum up my recent shenanigans.

Clue #2 for the big move: It's right around the Mason Dixon. (saddens me to type that)



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a beautiful life...

Living life to the fullest has been brought to my attention more than I can count in the last 10 days. People have had weird experiences and shared them with me, friends have gone through crazy times and I have had to tell my best friend good-bye as she moved to NYC. Over all, my cap of the last 2 weeks has been to never let a minute go by without appreciating life. Never let a day go by without telling those you love that you love them. Most of all, remind yourself daily to take chances and smile every chance you get! God is in control and everything happens for a reason.

This is the life I live:


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do I want this or need this?

I have had a couple people tell me about these things. This weekend I talked to someone that loves them! Would it be easier for me to read books? Would I have more time? Be more motivated to do so? I'm thinking it should go on my Christmas/Birthday list. (birthday is 3 days after Christmas, they usually go hand in hand) Tell me what y'all think about them! Worth it?

Been too long...

It has been far too long since I took the time to write on here. Holy man over 3 weeks. I have had so many wonderful things going on in my life I can only praise the Lord for all he has blessed me with. The best way for me to catch y'all up is a top ten list of course. So this is what has happened in my life:

10. I sat 3rd row with a sweet friend for the Bama game. Amazing seats and company, sad game.
9. I've been teaching Kindergarten in a migrant town just east of my home town. It has been an amazing blessing.
8. I've been able to hang out with my mom (and best friend) a ton! She finally got to experience Bridesmaids the movie, classic!
7. I have watched He's Just Not That Into you twice in 3 weeks. (interesting couple weeks)
6. I got to reconnect with an old friend that makes me smile all the time. She always has my back and it was good to spend time with her.
5. I saw Dolphin Tale and Ides of March. The latter was my favorite. I love politics.
4. I've been eating Paleo and loving the results. I feel so much better!
3. I've been working out with an awesome group of people in an awesome program. It's kicking my butt and I love every minute of it!
2. I attended a Dierks Bentley concert. A-M-A-zing.
1. I passed my professional educators exam!! Meaning I get to graduate and be a teacher, based on my masters degree. (phew!)

It has been a busy month so far and only gonna get crazier! Hopefully I will be able to blog some of my crazy thoughts for y'all! Here are some pictures this time.



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Life is Moving Faster Than I Am...

My life seems to be quite the whirlwind lately, even more than usual. I am usually scheduling things just to keep my busy and always have a to-do list the floor. When I decided to move back home to finish my masters, I didn't think about all of the change it would cause. I love being home! But the amount of pressure I am under is driving me crazy. I am teaching K full time and finishing my masters as well. I will graduate in December with my masters and have been contemplating a job offer since June. I'm super excited about the job that would have me out of a classroom, but still teaching. I made the decision this week to go ahead and move forward with a contract. I will be receiving that soon. The excitement of a new city is grand! But I'm so scared to be moving out of the state I was raised in. The state that my entire family lives in. Thankfully my friends are starting to move all over the country, making this transition somewhat easier.

I am so thankful that the Lord has put content in my heart about taking the job. I have been in prayer about finding something and this came along at the perfect time. When I say "he is good" it does no justice to just how good he really is. I am excited, nervous, thankful and ready to move on. But I just wanted to share with y'all that some big changes are coming up for me and how thrilled I am to share this adventure with all of you! :)

So where am I moving? Here is clue #1:


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Apparently Wednesday is the only day I can blog. Here is a random collection of pictures that explain themselves...enjoy the laugh! :)

I had more silly pictures of friends, but without their consent, some may have gotten me in trouble!

Sometimes it's good to laugh at ourselves!



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Haven't written in a week but wanted to share something things I'm loving for fall right now.

Do you love them too?

Fall is upon us! PTL! (praise the Lord)

All items available at Nordstrom


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Ultimate Roadtrip

I figured I would use wordless Wednesday to show y'all my adventures from the Ultimate Roadtrip with my best friend from Florida to California.

I recommend it to anyone! It was a blast and we will never forget these memories!

WARNING: Most pictures I have ever put in a blog post. :)