Thursday, January 20, 2011

Preciously Preppy

I spent last weekend at a friend's wedding in Brandon, FL and got the chance to spend time with my beautiful cousin and her family during the same visit. I'm sure you all have family that you are closer to than others, my cousin is more like a sister to me. We share everything and she has been a role model for me my whole life. Her and I share similar tastes (she is a pearly, preppy, Lilly loving gal) and both live life for the Lord. Seeing her family grow up has been a joy for me. Her youngest (NG) is about to turn 3 and the only girl in her family. NG is a spitfire and I had time to catch on video just how precious she is. Below is a must watch video of her saying adorable lines and below that is a picture of her and I having a dolly-filled day!

Enjoy little moments with children, even the shortest amount of time
with them can remind us of true innocence.

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