Saturday, February 26, 2011

Getting on a Jet Plane...

Leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas! (ahhhhhhh!) Can you tell I'm excited? I will do a fun post when I get back! I hope everyone has a wonderful week, do something fun!
PS. How fun is this picture? It's from America's Next Top Model and all the girls are dressed to the nines. I love how free and fun loving they look. Hopefully that will be me! Eeeek!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rough and Ready

So if you follow my twitter or know me in "real life" I have been searching for the perfect boot that won't kill my bank account. I think I found some that will work for my upcoming trip to coldness, but they are less than perfect. Is it that I have too high of expectations for them? I'm not sure. I was originally looking for a sleek, brown, riding boot in leather...very Ralph Lauren. Somehow I have fallen in love with a pair of Nine West, black, with a more rugged feel if you will. I'm not going to show you the exact ones until I actually decide to keep them. (I need to try them on with outfits, just have had NO time.) Until I make that decision, here are some I just found that give a similar vibe. My father had an interesting reaction by deciding they were "down and dirty" whatever that means! (ah!) Is it ok for this preppy princess to be rockin a little black leather? We will see!


Picture 2

Monday, February 21, 2011

What happens there stays there...

yes I am talking about Las Vegas! It is my first trip and I leave Sunday night! I will be there for a conference called Cater Source in addition to Event Solutions. My dad is an event coordinator and I have been in the business my whole life. This is an unforgettable opportunity for net working and business. Plus David Tutera and Preston Bailey will both be speaking, if you don't know who they are google them. They are amazing! In my free time, which happens to be the last weekend we are there in addition to a lot of other evenings, I am excited to see the city. I have never gambled and don't have a crazy gambling personality, but I am excited to play some penny-slots. There is a casino in our hotel, along with a huge pool. I have heard a lot about the pool during the day and the strip at night lifestyle there. I am excited to see everything, spend time with my dad and I'm not going to lie...SHOP!

The hotel we are staying at is gorgeous:

I'm hoping to see some shows and get to some awesome restaurants.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Eeeeeeek!! (so excited!)

Bathing Suit Season...

I'm not going to talk about working out or tanning (although I have been trying my hardest to keep up with both of those.) But more about what to WEAR!! My best friend works at Victoria's Secret and we always chat about bathing suits from them. They seem to work for everyone BUT me. I am not any Twiggy and the bottoms are always an issue for me. (in other words: I gotta donk) I really want to order something from them this year and I have been looking at what they call a "scoop" bottom. Tops are never an issue for me. So here is my favorite combination. Check out their site, it breaks down all the suits depending on what you are looking for. It is awesome!

these bottoms are more towards full coverage and they have a tie-ish side

this top might give me a saving grace on the beach with some volume

obviously i don't mix match suits like this, the color i love is this hot coral:
Thoughts? Did y'all find anything online? What is your fav bathing suit shop?

Friday, February 11, 2011

What does your house say about you?

I have been through a lot of different styles in my rooms, apartments, etc. When I was younger it was always pink, then an awful purple stage (sorry if you are a purple lover), then decided I wanted to be on Broadway and my entire room was covered in black and red. It was quite the change from my pink lovers paradise, but I loved it in high school. Coming up to college almost 4 years ago (yikes!) I decided I would do pink and flowers. It led to an interesting change but I loved it! My biggest challenge was my living room, mainly because I was in an apartment (kinda hard!). So I went through a lot of different styles and friends would say my rooms just didn't look like me. I was kinda sad because I have an interesting style and couldn't believe no one saw it. Below is the transformation of my college style. First room in college, all lowing it to evolve a bit. Then the last part is the final look of my preppiest and what I think is the most like me of all of my rooms.
This is the first room I had moving out on my own. Can you say student apartments?
Mom helped me so much with this and at the time I loved it!

This was the tiny bathroom that I tried to add color to. What a crazy time in undergrad.
The above bathroom and the bedroom below was my second place. This is more my style for sure, but def still looks very college-girl.

This is my current bedroom, which I will only be in for a short time. I kept the pink! (I believe while you are single, live up the pink. You never know when you will be able to have that much pink again!) I love the Fleur De lies. I can't wait to get into a place that I can paint all the rooms!This is my baby, I have been working on my living room looking more like me and this is the perfect representation! Dad helped me put everything up, I couldn't have done it without him!
By the way, that fireplace is covering a door I didn't want anyone opening. So creative! The one below is a wide shot of my living room. I love the yellow and blue combo, what a fun mix of old tea sets (grandmas) and clean lined nautical pics.
So happy with my final results of a beautiful living space.
So what does your house say about you? Anyone gone through the same transformation?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Other bloggers...

I love looking at blogs. I often get great ideas from things that other bloggers do. It has become a trend to do posts on 10 things you love, hate, would change, etc. So I decided it would be fun to do this one for this week...10 things I love. It can be as random as you want. If you follow my twitter...tweet me 10 things you love this week! Valentines Day is a week from today! The 10 things I love are often the 10 things I can't live without as well, so let's see...

#10. I love water. I take a water bottle with me everywhere.
#9. I am always chewing gum (sugar free of course). Orbit is an addiction.

#8. My house smelling good is VERY important to me. These are a new found love from febreeze. I little more expensive but worth the extra smell good. (I also love candles)

#7. I use this everyday. I makes my hair stronger, shiny and moisturized. Try it once. You will fall in love!

#6. Proactive. I have used this for years. Our family doesn't have the best complexion and this is a life saver! Totally worth trying for a month.
#5. I went without my BlackBerry for couple months and it was like living in a technology free world. (I didn't like that) I recently got it back and I'm in peace again. Still debating the iPhone.

#4. This is getting down to the really important things in my life, something I honestly would rather not live without is coffee. A little for the energy, a LOT for the taste. Yummm!
#3. Friends. I could not live without the people in this picture. This is from my 21st birthday in 2009. What a beautiful group of people to support me. (ps. a lot of my best friends aren't pictured here, but this was the most in one picture.)
#2. Could never live without my parents. They are my best friends and through a lot of ups and downs they have been there for me and for eachother. God blessed me with parents that could handle only one child (although I think I make for about 5 children) :)
#1. The number one thing I love and couldn't live without is my relationship with the Lord. He is my rock and what I live for everyday. It's pretty sweet.

Either comment or tweet me (@preppgator) 10 things you love and couldn't live without!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Preppy Does Country

I love all things preppy but confession...i'm a total country girl. A friend of mine this past weekend said I am a "PreppyRedneck!" Ahhh! Maybe not redneck but I love southern accents, country music and my cowgirl boots. I wanted to share some pictures from an amazing weekend celebrating one of my best friends birthdays. We did a lot in 3 short days, but girl weekends are always tons of fun! We hit the Key Largo Seagood Festival, George's in south Miami, The Chili Cook Off in Miami and Ft.Lauderdale beach!
What do ya'll do for fun with your girls?
This is at the Key Largo Seafood Festival. Beautiful day!
This is me and one of my besties on her birthday. Amazing dinner in Miami!
This is me gettin country ya'll! (laugh all you want)
So many people! This is me with my besties from back home!
I, of course, found the gator tent! Go Gators!
Frozens are a must on the beach front. This was amazing!