Monday, February 7, 2011

Other bloggers...

I love looking at blogs. I often get great ideas from things that other bloggers do. It has become a trend to do posts on 10 things you love, hate, would change, etc. So I decided it would be fun to do this one for this week...10 things I love. It can be as random as you want. If you follow my twitter...tweet me 10 things you love this week! Valentines Day is a week from today! The 10 things I love are often the 10 things I can't live without as well, so let's see...

#10. I love water. I take a water bottle with me everywhere.
#9. I am always chewing gum (sugar free of course). Orbit is an addiction.

#8. My house smelling good is VERY important to me. These are a new found love from febreeze. I little more expensive but worth the extra smell good. (I also love candles)

#7. I use this everyday. I makes my hair stronger, shiny and moisturized. Try it once. You will fall in love!

#6. Proactive. I have used this for years. Our family doesn't have the best complexion and this is a life saver! Totally worth trying for a month.
#5. I went without my BlackBerry for couple months and it was like living in a technology free world. (I didn't like that) I recently got it back and I'm in peace again. Still debating the iPhone.

#4. This is getting down to the really important things in my life, something I honestly would rather not live without is coffee. A little for the energy, a LOT for the taste. Yummm!
#3. Friends. I could not live without the people in this picture. This is from my 21st birthday in 2009. What a beautiful group of people to support me. (ps. a lot of my best friends aren't pictured here, but this was the most in one picture.)
#2. Could never live without my parents. They are my best friends and through a lot of ups and downs they have been there for me and for eachother. God blessed me with parents that could handle only one child (although I think I make for about 5 children) :)
#1. The number one thing I love and couldn't live without is my relationship with the Lord. He is my rock and what I live for everyday. It's pretty sweet.

Either comment or tweet me (@preppgator) 10 things you love and couldn't live without!

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