Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rough and Ready

So if you follow my twitter or know me in "real life" I have been searching for the perfect boot that won't kill my bank account. I think I found some that will work for my upcoming trip to coldness, but they are less than perfect. Is it that I have too high of expectations for them? I'm not sure. I was originally looking for a sleek, brown, riding boot in leather...very Ralph Lauren. Somehow I have fallen in love with a pair of Nine West, black, with a more rugged feel if you will. I'm not going to show you the exact ones until I actually decide to keep them. (I need to try them on with outfits, just have had NO time.) Until I make that decision, here are some I just found that give a similar vibe. My father had an interesting reaction by deciding they were "down and dirty" whatever that means! (ah!) Is it ok for this preppy princess to be rockin a little black leather? We will see!


Picture 2


  1. just came across your blog :) its sooo cue! you have some really good insight on your posts! great pictures! xoxo cant wait to read more of what you write!

  2. ah just saw this! thank you! :)