Friday, February 11, 2011

What does your house say about you?

I have been through a lot of different styles in my rooms, apartments, etc. When I was younger it was always pink, then an awful purple stage (sorry if you are a purple lover), then decided I wanted to be on Broadway and my entire room was covered in black and red. It was quite the change from my pink lovers paradise, but I loved it in high school. Coming up to college almost 4 years ago (yikes!) I decided I would do pink and flowers. It led to an interesting change but I loved it! My biggest challenge was my living room, mainly because I was in an apartment (kinda hard!). So I went through a lot of different styles and friends would say my rooms just didn't look like me. I was kinda sad because I have an interesting style and couldn't believe no one saw it. Below is the transformation of my college style. First room in college, all lowing it to evolve a bit. Then the last part is the final look of my preppiest and what I think is the most like me of all of my rooms.
This is the first room I had moving out on my own. Can you say student apartments?
Mom helped me so much with this and at the time I loved it!

This was the tiny bathroom that I tried to add color to. What a crazy time in undergrad.
The above bathroom and the bedroom below was my second place. This is more my style for sure, but def still looks very college-girl.

This is my current bedroom, which I will only be in for a short time. I kept the pink! (I believe while you are single, live up the pink. You never know when you will be able to have that much pink again!) I love the Fleur De lies. I can't wait to get into a place that I can paint all the rooms!This is my baby, I have been working on my living room looking more like me and this is the perfect representation! Dad helped me put everything up, I couldn't have done it without him!
By the way, that fireplace is covering a door I didn't want anyone opening. So creative! The one below is a wide shot of my living room. I love the yellow and blue combo, what a fun mix of old tea sets (grandmas) and clean lined nautical pics.
So happy with my final results of a beautiful living space.
So what does your house say about you? Anyone gone through the same transformation?

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