Monday, February 21, 2011

What happens there stays there...

yes I am talking about Las Vegas! It is my first trip and I leave Sunday night! I will be there for a conference called Cater Source in addition to Event Solutions. My dad is an event coordinator and I have been in the business my whole life. This is an unforgettable opportunity for net working and business. Plus David Tutera and Preston Bailey will both be speaking, if you don't know who they are google them. They are amazing! In my free time, which happens to be the last weekend we are there in addition to a lot of other evenings, I am excited to see the city. I have never gambled and don't have a crazy gambling personality, but I am excited to play some penny-slots. There is a casino in our hotel, along with a huge pool. I have heard a lot about the pool during the day and the strip at night lifestyle there. I am excited to see everything, spend time with my dad and I'm not going to lie...SHOP!

The hotel we are staying at is gorgeous:

I'm hoping to see some shows and get to some awesome restaurants.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Eeeeeeek!! (so excited!)

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