Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Forewarning on this post, lots of pictures!
Finally getting to post pictures for y'all from my Vegas trip! Explanation for not blogging: Vegas for a week, Naples for a week, School for a few, Naples for the weekend and finally a month later, I'm back at school...for a short time at least. What a crazy trip we had in Vegas. Lots of meetings, lots of food and lots of fun! Here are some pictures that I hope capture the awesome time we had. I'll give you a little OOTD for each picture if I am in it!

This picture was taken the minute I walked into our HUGE suite. I had this whole room to myself with a huge bathroom that I had way too much fun dancing in.
This picture was taken on the walking bridge from our hotel, Planet Hollywood, to the conference hotel The Cosmopolitan. I thought this look was SO business and those heels meant business, ouch! OOTD: Ralph Lauren dress shirt, WHBM Pencil Skirt and black pumps.

This was the first night we got out on the town, we had a chance to tour all the hotels, which I realized are all connected underground. Kinda creepy! It was pretty chilly, but we had a blast!
OOTN: Gap striped tank, white pashmina, Liz Claiborne coat and Nine West boots.

After the conference was over we had a chance to tour during the day, this was down by the New York hotel, I posed for a fun shot in front of the Coca Cola bottle.
OOTD: Gap cardigan and Gap Jeans. Oh yeah! This is my new favorite bag btw, Target find! :)
This was another day of hotel spotting, we ate at Wolfgang's restaurant in the Venetian. Can I say yummm? My family knows him from opening his first restaurant in Otown and he is one cool guy! It was fun to eat at another restaurant of his!
OOTD: Gap jeans, Target sweater wrap and JCrew Skinny Belt

Best. Night. Ever. This night we got to see the "O" show from Cirque. (The night before we saw their "Ka" show. Both amazing!) This picture was taken at Lavo. I really wanted to try this nationally known restaurant and it didn't hurt that Mario Lopez was there! Just so happened we ended up seeing Andy Samberg as well. What a cool restaurant and yummy! This picture is taken on the way up to their nightclub, very cool set up!
OOTN: Saks Black Satin Dress and Black pumps.
Last day in crazytown we drove out to the mountains! I could see them from my room the entire trip and wanted to get out to them! So my Dad, his partner and I packed up a little mini car and headed out! This picture is at the Hoover Dam. What a cool experience!
OOTD: JCrew Long sleeve and Red Pashmina. Very sporty!
This was another mountain we got to, and found SNOW! As you all may know I'm a Florida girl and even the sight of snow makes me giggle. As we drove the snow became very visible. This was a mountain lodge we ate dinner at, can I say yumm again? Too much good food.
It was at trip I will never forget and time I got to spend with my wonderful father. We had lots of fun and lots of good food. I would recommend this trip for anyone for fun! Make sure you take a drive out to the mountains, it was way too pretty to pass up!


  1. How fun! Your photos are making get excited for an a Vegas trip I've booked for June!

  2. Ahhhhh how fun! You will love it! What a CRAZZZZY town! :)