Monday, April 11, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

OK, so I'm a little early on the flowers part. But the weather here in Florida has been crazy. Thunderstorms with hail and tornadoes one day and beautiful 90 degrees the next. (those of you up north still in snow, don't hate on me for the 90 degrees comment) Needless to say this is what my dining room table looked like yesterday....
I really wanted something yellow, my living room is yellow, blue and white. (I did a post on it when I first started my blog) But in case you all didn't know, I'm a graduate student living in the slim for mola. As I'm sure many of you are, college or not. So I decided I wasn't going to spend a lot and this is what I came up with:

I got those dishes for Christmas from my dad. I had been wanting something nice but always had a crazy array of living arrangements and never got anything. Well it's April, so I pulled out my Christmas gift and put it out. (PS those dishes were majorly on the cheap and are really heavy and super simple). Then I decided to wanted something yellow, very spring and summer but also goes with my living room. I got these:

OK how fun are those flowers? I love the flower, I'm not sure what it is so if you know shoot me a comment. Here's the deal: I got 2 stems of them at the dollar store, along with 2 packs of white stones and an hour and some pliers later, beautiful! So for $4, I added some color and felt much better about my new table! :)

I wanted to show an aerial view because I just LOVE this new look! Also, those corn s&p shakers are my grandmothers. She meant the world to me and having these on the table just adds a hint of tradition to a beautiful thing. Let me know what you think!

PS. please ignore my red chair seat covers. I need to replace those and haven't gotten the energy to recover them. oops!

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