Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the beautiful Anne Barge...

I haven't blogged much about weddings on here, unless they were events I was helping to coordinate. Mainly because I'm not married, not engaged and quite frankly not in a serious I felt kinda weird about blogging on weddings. But today that is out the window! As I have said in previous posts, I used to be a bridal stylist and worked closely with many different nationally and internationally known designers. I have also been working with weddings my whole life with my father's business. Needless to say, I have seen more than a few wedding gowns in my life. Prices ranging from $100-$20,000. (if you have it, use it!) But a wedding is often the one day every girl dreams about and in MY dreams, I always look down to see what I am wearing on this wonderful celebration of love. (to a person unknown thus far) OK, let's get to the point...a designer I have loved for years and truly an amazing person as well is the amazing Ms Anne Barge. Her collections are beautiful and whimsically romantic at times. Her spring 2011 collection is posted on her website and I wanted to share some of the beautiful designs.

Which one would you wear?

This first one is going back to Fall 2010, but I just loved the clean lines of it. My opinions and style for bridal is all over the place, you have been warned. Any who, this is a satin and satin organza dress from her La Fluer line. How fun would it be with a beautiful face veil?

Some brides are swooning over short dresses. I am not a short bridal gown fan, but for those of you that funky is this? This is from her Spring 2011 line and it is called Skylar. It is satin with Chantilly lace on the bottom! So Sassy!

My curves would have a hard time pulling this off, but for those of you that have a rockin body...this is hot! I love the name, Brogan, and it is a beautiful taffeta. The fun shape makes it interesting for every ones eye.

Lastly, something I could see myself wearing. A fuller skirt is great for anyone with hips that wants to feel comfortable on their big day. This particular dress is called the "Drew" and is full tulle on the bottom. The belt is gorgeous and I would probably request a more natural color or even a white to match the dress. How fun is this gown?

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