Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Bows

Today I purchased two really simple bows to add to my collection. Bows, as in hair bows, as in I'm not a child anymore but still love a good ribbon in my hair. Then I got to thinking, I wonder what other people think about bows? Are they for children? Can you wear them to a certain age and then probably give them away? Are they reserved for people below the Mason-Dixon? I decided to ask on my twitter and these were some responses:

"I wear bows at least twice a week but if you’re not from the south, I frown upon it."

"I have mixed feelings about adults wearing bows in hair.... I think it's okay until mid to late 20's then not sure! Haha"

" I love hair bows, but only on kids."

"After college I think it’s a little obnoxious. Lol. Unless they're little :)"

"I do it all the time! But not those massive bows the size of the child wearing it. Small & inconspicuous."

Keeping all these in mind, because y'alls opinion means something to me, I put my new bows right next to their beautiful friends. Keeping in mind I live in the south, I'm in my twenties and my bows are always size appropriate. Everyones opinion is important, so what do you think?

Are bows appropriate for women to wear?


  1. I love bows! I'm not from the south... but i have the "emo" type hair style so I pin my side bang out of my face all the time with a small bow. Who cares what other people think, if you look good, that's all that matters. =]

  2. Omg your bow is precious! I feel like a little bow every now and then is perfect. Srat on girl!