Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big Changes....

I will admit, I have had this car since 2005. She is my baby and it hurts really bad to get rid of "The Coug." But she was unrepairable and sometimes we have to get rid of things that mean a lot to us. This means taking over a new car it better be a sweet car right? Wellllll you tell me what you think..... The old: Loved her:
The New: Fusion 2011 in Black
All smiles, super excited for a lot of extras that come with her!
Tehehehe! :)
My only decision now is to name her black beauty or ebony?


  1. Congratulations!! Your new baby is super cute. My car's "name" is Black Beauty too, it sort of makes up for the pony I never got when I was a little! :))

  2. Congratulations sweetie, your new car is definitely a beauty! I think Black Beauty suits her perfectly!! xoxoxo

  3. ahhh thank you guys so much. it is an amazing car. so blessed. btw...right now she is just being call my baby. lol. :)