Friday, April 1, 2011

The Royal Fever

I have so much on my mind tonight, but everyone keeps talking about the Royal Wedding, countdown is down to 28 days now. I seem to have a lot of connections to this crazy, beautiful wedding. My family followed Princess Diana and her family (including her beautiful wedding) and talks about it to this day. Also, my dad owns an event planning company and I have worked in weddings my whole life. Needless to say, this would be a dream wedding to plan. (duh!) Thirdly, I used to be a bridal stylist for Solutions Bridal and would do anything to sell Kate her gown. All of these thoughts have accumulated, along with EVERYONE talking about this event of a lifetime, so I decided to blog about the major parts of the Royal Wedding. (btw i don't think I'm supposed to capitalize that, but it's kinda fun!)

Engagement pics: they are one beautiful couple. How classically beautiful is she? And she wears Diana's ring so well! I love the Sapphire! I love artistic engagement shoots, but sometimes doing something classic like this can mean so much.

The venue is pretty obvious, but many people have never seen the inside of Westminster Abbey. This cathedral is breathtaking to say the least, I'm pretty sure every bride I know would do anything to grab a chance at getting their ceremony here.

What do you get as a wedding gift for a Prince and Princess? (hello! talk about hard to buy for!) Well the amazing royal couple has made this decision very simple for both invited guests and those that feel as though they want to be a part of this wonderful occasion. They have asked people to donate to The Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton Charitable Gift Fund. This website describes everything and directs you to 5 different organizations of the couple's choice. If this doesn't make you fall in love with this amazing family, what would?

With the first residence of your reception venue being Queen Victoria in 1837, how can you decorate it with anything but classic florals? That's right their reception is being held at the Buckingham Palace. (sigh, thoughts traveling to dreamland) Below are some beautiful shots of the venue.


So, after all of the where's it gonna be? My next question is WHAT is she gonna wear?

Rumors have been stirring about Alexander McQueen's (may he RIP) creative director. Of course, she is denying all of these rumors, but how cool would that be?

These are sketches that famous designers have created for her, I used to sell some of these designers, how fun is that?

The one on the left is by Amsale, love them!


These are both very light, so focus hard. I feel as though they are both regal and I LOVE

Melissa Sweet (she is on the left)


Ok, now that you have a taste for this amazing, event of the century...are you stoked?

I can't wait to see what she actually ends up wearing and also how many people show up for this shindig! I only have one serious question....

When is Harry gonna be single again!? :)

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  1. Hi! New follower here @! I am stoked for the wedding, too. Oddly enough, I will be in England during their wedding. It was totally an accident, as my trip was booked before their wedding was announced! Hopefully I can partake in some paparazzi action!