Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Travels

One of my favorite things to do is travel! (really, who doesn't day that?) But seriously, I would love to be comfortable enough ($$$) to travel. I have only been to Europe once and it was to Italy. I can't even express how amazing the trip was, especially because I'm part Italian. Anyhow, if I could go back there tomorrow I would drop everything, especially school. (ugh!) But looking to the future, I was thinking about how many awesome places are on my dream list. Of course traveling the world over the course of a year would be nice (Eat Pray Love!) but sometimes we need to limit ourselves. So I compiled a list of awesome places I must visit before my time on earth ends.

Without further adieu, my Tuesday Travel wishes: (in no particular order)


I'm also Irish (hence my last name) and would love to see this beautiful country. They have amazing scenery and I would swoon over getting to drink in a real Irish pub.


How can you even think twice about packing your bags for this place? This little chaise lounge actually exists. (for a pretty penny) This place is a paradise and who doesn't love frozen drinks?

Hawaii Source

OK, this might seem really weird. Going from Hawaii to Alaska? But I'm kinda happy these are back-to-back, it really shows the crazy range of places I would love to visit. Alaska is such an amazing state and I wouldn't mind running into SarahP. :)

Alaska Photos


This country is breathtaking. Everything about it seems exciting. I love the beaches and the cities are redic. I think this would be a super fun girl trip! Plus, those accents are presh!

Paris, France

This is somewhere I would pack my things right now to leave to. Paris is a beautiful city and truly a dream place to visit. Maybe it's all the movies about it or the fact that I love the history and art there. Either way, I would probably quit school to move there! Je Adore!

London, UK

My bestie spent last summer here and my Dad went last year as well (seperate trips), both fell in love. Everyone tells me I would love this beautiful English city. I can't get over the amazing beauty of every building and the crazy amount if history in the whole country. This is right next to Paris on my dream trips list.

African Safari

This is honestly the biggest dream on my list. Mainly because it would take approx 3 years of my teaching salary to get there and do what I want. Putting all that aside, going to Africa would be the trip of a lifetime. Most people that know me know that I'm not the most nature-friendly person, but I would forgo my blow-dryer for this trip. I can't even imagine the beautiful paintings the Lord paints every night on the horizon of this beautiful country.

So what's your dream country, city or continent to travel to?


  1. I would love to travel to those places too! I have actually been to Alaska already and I want to go back. It was an absolute amazing experience!! I plan to blog about my trip soon!

  2. Ahhhh! When did you go to alaska? How fun! Very jealous! I can't wait to read it!

  3. Here's the plan: I get my flat in London and you come to stay with me for a whole summer of travels! :)