Saturday, April 9, 2011

What I Love About the South - Shannon's Guest Post

Hey everyone! So excited the day has finally come for my guest post. I decided to have some fun and share with you some of the reasons why I love the South so dearly. I'm sure Lauren can echo these sentiments.

SEC Football
I don't know what it is ya'll, but there is something about the SEC. I know my Seminole friends will disagree, but no other conference comes close! Maybe it's because we know how to party down here and our tailgates are epic. On that note...

Game Day Dresses
{{Pic via Natalie Kim Gameday}}
We have serious fashion sense when it comes to supporting our teams. Every game day is a chance to look adorable and sport our latest handmade fashions and awesome accessories.

Sweet Tea
Serving it in a Tervis Tumbler or mason jar gets you extra brownie points. Seriously...this is a staple in every TRUE Southern home. Back when I traveled the country for work, I mistakenly assumed every dining establishment served this delicious delight. No waiter, Raspberry Tea or Unsweet with Sweet & Low is NOT sweet tea. Please don't offend me. My faves: McD's, Firehouse Subs, & Chick-fil-A.

Flip Flops
Even in the winter, a southern girl can never have too many. My faves: Reefs, Rainbows, & Havaianas.

Lilly Pulitzer
If you read my blog, you know my love for all things Lilly. Vibrant prints and serious feminine sophistication, a must at garden parties, bridal showers, and teas.

Perhaps it's because we do things a little slower. Perhaps it's because we enjoy the sand in our toes and a cold drink in our hands. Perhaps it's because we have some deep rooted traditional values. I love the South. Sometimes I think about how I might like to live in the big old city they call New York. But if they can't get sweet tea right, how could I? I can't imagine my life anywhere else but the sweet place they call The South.

Where do you call home and what makes it so special?
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  1. I completely agree. SEC football is the best in the nation. I love dressing up and supporting my school. Let's go Gamecocks!

  2. I just stumbled on this blog, and I have to agree, SEC football is the best. Go Gators! Sweet tea is the best (South Georgia bred) and hospitality is a must! Wonderful post.

  3. Yes, yes, and yes! This is an amazing list. I think Shannon and I must have met in a previous life, because I feel like she almost wrote my list. Yay to McD Sweet Tea and Reefs!

  4. Hi there! :) Awesome blog! I am your newest follower from the blog hop - would love a follow back!

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