Sunday, May 15, 2011

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If you saw this a year ago or still haven't even heard of it, you HAVE to try it. It's called shellac and it's a modified manicure for ladies that actually use their hands and don't just sit and look pretty. I got my first set of shellac while I was home for a short break before summer classes. I am obsessed with french manicures, so it was an easy choice. If you are unfamiliar with the goes:

Pre-Shellac Nails

This is where the polish "bakes" onto your nails. Similar to an Easy Bake Oven.
This is my nail lady Jenny, I love her and have been going to her for almost 8 years! Ah!

There are my nails, baking away!

The after! It's supposed to last 2 weeks guaranteed and some say longer!
So crisp and clean!

Here's the breakdown: the second day one chipped. i went back and they fixed it. (fo free duh!) then over the first week, they pretty much all chipped and to my surprise, by the time i hit the 2 weeks it was all off. i now have clear over them to keep them strong, but next time i might try just a color. i have hear SO many great things, and I was very happy when i first got them done. overall, disappointed in the outcome for the amount of mola i dropped. oh well! it was worth the experience!

Have you ever had shellac? Love it? Hate it?

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