Thursday, May 19, 2011


reflection can be such an interesting concept. it can be reflecting on good or bad, or both. today was a serious time of reflection for me. i met a friend for coffee and ended up meeting up with some other friends that i hadn't seen in a long time. it was interesting for me to think about how long it had been since i had seen them and also who i was then and who i am now. it took a lot out of me thinking about life in general and several hours after this luncheon, during which i studied like crazy for a quiz and totally bombed then sat in class for five long hours, i began reflecting on a lot.

who am i? what kind of person do i want to be? will i ever get married? (i happened to run into a sweet couple that is getting married next month while at this luncheon) what do i wanna do when i graduate? where do i wanna move? honestly, i could go on forever. if you know me in real life, you know my thoughts can go on and on. this time of reflection, obviously led into a time of looking to the future. i began skyping with my father, after i realized i really needed someone to listen to me. you see my dad is one awesome dude and will listen to anything i have to say. sometimes he comments, but usually he knows better and just listens to me. he is very fatherly in his reactions, "don't stray from your roots"/"the right one will come along"/"don't rush anything"/"enjoy life"/"always thank the Lord for everything you have." He can go on forever, must run in the family. anyways, my main point is that it is good to reflect, it is good to be reminded of where you came from. and often times, it's good to be reminded of where you should be.

took this picture on a retreat with campus crusade for Christ in 2009

i was reading along and thought, this is beautiful...this is perfect.

so simple.

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