Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tummy Rumbling Tuesday

Long time, no post! I have been out of town for break, but I'm back in the Ville for the last summer of college...EVER! Ah! Tonight I wanted to make something yummy, since it was my first real night back on the grind. My cousin's friend is the author of Make Ahead Mamma! Last time I was visiting my cousin she made this awesome pulled pork and it was SUPER simple. The link above is for the recipe. I love my crock pot and was very excited to use it again!

It was amazing!

I wanted to make something fresh to add to the pork, which I made without BBQ sauce. I had some fresh ingredients and picked up a mango (which I'm normally not that fond of) to make a salsa. It was super easy and amazingly yummy! I loved the sweet hint of mango.

Chop mango:

Chop onion:

Chop tomato (learned that lattice trick in culinary class, makes it so simple):

All the chopped yummies in the bowl, I added lime juice and salt and pepper:

This is the pork in the crock with apple juice:

It was so juicy and yummy!

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