Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where to move? Part 1: Nashville

I guess I can put off thinking about the "real world" as long as I want, but eventually I am going to need to join it. I will be finishing my masters this December and I have started looking into places I would enjoy living. Many and by many I mean every city in the world, has crossed my mind. But today I was watching Country Strong today with a friend and just fell in love with Nashville all over again. With good country bars like The Stage...

And interesting architecture like the Parthenon:

This city is amazing!

I like it because it's Southern (duh!).

I like it because I felt welcome.

I like it because there is SO much history there.

I like it because I love country music.

I like it because the weather is beautiful.

I like it because I could see myself having a family there.

I like it because it's still on the East "coast".

I like it because I could sing at random places and people would still cheer.

I just love Nashville. Below are pictures from my own trip there, it was obviously cold.

My bestie and I went for the Vanderbilt game and to visit a friend of ours that is in Law School there! It was the trip of a lifetime, I can't wait to go back!

So many cities to choose from...

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