Saturday, June 4, 2011

Southern Summer Days

I had so much fun picking strawberries the first time, that I went back with a good friend of mine. She is definitely more familiar with the "farm life" and was really excited to go. When we got there, they said it might be a little more difficult because the weeds had grown over a bit and their season for that bath was comin to an end. But I couldn't resist, so we set out among the weeds and ended up with full buckets. Florida summer is hotter than blazes and the sun was beating down hard.

Me with my bucket of berries :)

My friend Susan with her bucket!
After picking our berries we headed to Fresh Market. I know not all of you have a FM, but if you can ever get to one GO! It's amazing and they are so polite, I feel like it's the Ritz of the grocery world. And believe it or not there is one in Gainesville! We picked up some old fashion soda pop and chatted all afternoon. The perfect summer day!
I quickly realized how much I love these bottles. So I washed them really well and added them to my mantel. I like how they look so old, do you like what I did?

Enjoy those summer days, they are going to be gone before we know it!

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