Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boots...Classy or Trashy?

Cowboy/Cowgirl Boots. A staple for any southern gent or belle.

It has been brought to my attention that these can be perceived as trashy, ah! No way!

There is a way to look put together with a pair of these comfy southern kicks on.

I decided to collect pictures from me wearing my boots over the last 6 years. I bought these boots when I was a junior in high school and have been rocking them ever since.

I would love a new pair, but I'm waiting for the perfect ones!

The pictures are in chronological order,

so you can see how much my fashion sense has changed over the years.

Or maybe it hasn't? :)

First up is TRASHY! hehe. this was for a date function.

i had to put it up for a chuckle!

This was back in 2008, simple blue dress with orange necklace (gogators)
this was at a bar back home, jcrew shorts with an LL Bean button down.

Casual but cute.

this is last summer as well, in Miami. heading to a country bar.

simple American Eagle (yes i said that) dress.

This was taken in Nashville last fall. It was rather cool so I wore black riding pants.

striped button down and pearls made it perfectly preppy. :)

This was the same trip to Nashville, beautiful scenery. Game day.

Orange dress with blue pashmina. :)

Thanksgiving called for a simple color palate.

Black riding pants with a black tunic. Simple and Classic.

Also proves brown and black can work together.

This was for a shoot for graduation. Brown Ann Taylor dress.

Anthro Headband and my boots!

One shoulder blue dress at the Miranda Lambert Concert.

Can't go wrong with solids and boots.

Tailgating for Chili Cook Off in Miami.

Navy dress with brown boots and pearls all day.

Love this look. Minus my crazy face. lol.

It was so fun to look back through all these awesome events that I pulled out my boots for.

They have most definitely become more of a staple in my wardrobe, but only if it's done right.

So what do you think? Boots...Classy or Trashy?


  1. Great post! It's true, the boots can really tip the outfit either way.