Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Life is Moving Faster Than I Am...

My life seems to be quite the whirlwind lately, even more than usual. I am usually scheduling things just to keep my busy and always have a to-do list the floor. When I decided to move back home to finish my masters, I didn't think about all of the change it would cause. I love being home! But the amount of pressure I am under is driving me crazy. I am teaching K full time and finishing my masters as well. I will graduate in December with my masters and have been contemplating a job offer since June. I'm super excited about the job that would have me out of a classroom, but still teaching. I made the decision this week to go ahead and move forward with a contract. I will be receiving that soon. The excitement of a new city is grand! But I'm so scared to be moving out of the state I was raised in. The state that my entire family lives in. Thankfully my friends are starting to move all over the country, making this transition somewhat easier.

I am so thankful that the Lord has put content in my heart about taking the job. I have been in prayer about finding something and this came along at the perfect time. When I say "he is good" it does no justice to just how good he really is. I am excited, nervous, thankful and ready to move on. But I just wanted to share with y'all that some big changes are coming up for me and how thrilled I am to share this adventure with all of you! :)

So where am I moving? Here is clue #1:


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