Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Hunt...

J and his Dad have been hunting this season already, I went up to the cabin but didn't actually go hunting. Well this past Sunday J wanted to get a deer before the season ended and asked me to go with him. I think he was expecting me to say no, but I figured what the heck? I said sure! I would love to. I will spare you the pictures of the actual deer, but we got one!! 

This was my hunting gear, BEFORE they bundled me up in a bunch of extra layers 
that quite frankly made me resemble the michelin man. 

There he is looking mighty handsome in his little hunting seat. They use rifles, so a deer stand is really a waste. It was def more exciting not giving the deer bait or tricking them. We just had to wait until one came by, the old fashioned way. By the way this can take hours. 

 This is what I did, read on my kindle. Until I saw the buck! J needs new contacts and we hadn't seen anything for like 2 hours. So I started looking around and then I saw one! I got so excited I almost screamed. I made the sign to J for the buck and we waited for him to come closer. He took off so J got an eye on him pretty far away and took a shot. He looked for him everywhere up on the hill and we couldn't find him. :(

 This is just a pretty shot of the sky. :) 

 Don't worry there is a happy end to our story, we were walking up to leave and I saw the white belly of something laying down. Sure enough there he was, our sneaky 5 point buck who almost got away! The stuff that happens next is not my favorite, no details. But he is now hanging on Grandmas cellar, getting tender. Here is a picture of a very tired J and LB, normally I wouldn't post but hey this is real life and we don't always look perfect. 

So now I want a monogrammed gun for Christmas, thoughts? :) 


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