Monday, January 28, 2013

A Dedication...

It's hard to relate to a lot of people's pain. It can often be difficult to have sympathy, let alone empathy for what some people are going through. But last week something happened that truly hit home. 

A worry I have every day is that J will be injured or killed while on duty protecting the citizens of Pendleton County. As I was visiting him last week, we invited some friends out for dinner which included another trooper and two officers from the sherifs department. J received a text informing him that a trooper they attended the academy with was killed in a car accident in his personal vehicle. The most heart wrenching thing was that his wife was driving in front of him when it happened. I had never met him or his wife. 

No longer was it hard to relate to someone, the pain was there. Was on all of their faces and in their voices. A young man of only 25 years old with a sweet young wife loving him every day. How special and fragile life is can really only be brought to your eyes when you see how fast death can come about. My thoughts and prayers are with his sweet wife and parents. May they be given some comfort in knowing how many people looked at their husband and son as a dedicated trooper and amazing man. 

This post is a dedication to a son, friend, husband, trooper and protector...
Trooper Anson Blake Tribby
Kentucky State Police 


Dating Dos and Don'ts...

Once you have been in a relationship with someone for almost a year, it's so easy to get into a routine and lose the "butterflies" that existed when you first meet. I still get butterflies every time I see J. Which says a lot about our relationship. I would attribute this greatly to the idea that we plan real dates at least once a week for each other. This is a selection of Dos and Don'ts for dating. 
(Mainly a lot of Dos!)

Do: Plan dates that are snuggling inside on a cold night. 
Do: Make sure you have your favorite drinks for each other, here it's beer and wine. 
Do: Make sure you allow her to watch girly shows once in awhile, and act like you are interested. 
J was doing just this with the Golden Globes. 

Do: Guys, DO plan dates where YOU cook. 
Do: Make sure you get her favorite wine for dinner. 
Do: Make sure it can stay warm for when she is 2 hours late. 
Do: Know she will appreciate whatever you make because you cooked it. 

Do: Plan dates where you play games. 
Don't: Let her win every game.
Do: Allow yourself to be silly when you have fun times like these. 

Do: Listen to what each other says about wants and need. J knew I wanted to go ice skating and tried his best to get us in before it ended. 
Do: Plan ahead when it's 9 degrees outside. 
Do: Dress cute, you know she will want to take pictures of this event. 
Do: Go to a place where salad is available, ladies love salad. 

Dos and Don'ts might be different for everyone. 
But DO love each other and remind each other every day. 
Don't take any day for granted. 
Do enjoy the silly things in life. 

Most of all, be thankful and appreciative for everything. 


That Sweet Southern Drawl...

Me: noticing the woman at the booth was freezing, "You must be cold out here."

Woman: "Oooo it's so cold here. I hate the cold."

Me: apparently sharing the debut of my new accent "Girl, you're in the wrong seeeedy then."


What makes someone have an accent? People aren't just born with accents. Based on my graduate studies, students adapt and learn language based on their surroundings. So as adults, how long does it take us to learn a new "accent". A British accent seems to stay with people no matter how long they are out of the UK, what makes one accent stronger than another?

When I was living in Cincinnati, I strongly disliked this somewhat MidWestern thing that was going on. Since I've been surrounded with accents for the last week and having moved to a very southern city, i'm long until I break into a full Sweet Southern Drawl?

Can't say I hate it! :)


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Getting all moved in has been crazy! I have had a lot of opportunities to see J and what a blast we have had. Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks.

Happy 2013!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday Ho Ho Holidays...


How is your resolution?

Many people make New Years resolutions, what was yours? Did you know the most popular is "weight loss", go figure in a country where there was a larger fret over the loss of Twinkie's that the issue of our fiscal cliff.

Moving on...a lot of people try to change their diet in order to achieve this goal, while many of us continue our normal workout routines and clean eating habits. Everyone goes off track during the holidays, as did I, and it makes getting back into eating Paleo even more difficult.

Tonight I tried a new idea after a trip to Trader Joes where I purchased ground beef for $2.69 a pound!! And my favorite french green beans of course. I wanted something clean but full of flavor.

I started with these two (gifts from Mom) in a saucepan on medium with some Italian Olive Oil (not entirely Paleo)...

Then added the ground beef and browned with these two, I steamed the green beans and topped them with the ground beef mixture...
The finished product was AMAZING! I made a sun dried pesto with balsamic sauce for over the top. I was perfectly full and felt very clean. Served with a glass of white wine! 

So what was was your resolution this year? Did it involve weight loss? Paleo? Let me know!