Monday, January 28, 2013

Dating Dos and Don'ts...

Once you have been in a relationship with someone for almost a year, it's so easy to get into a routine and lose the "butterflies" that existed when you first meet. I still get butterflies every time I see J. Which says a lot about our relationship. I would attribute this greatly to the idea that we plan real dates at least once a week for each other. This is a selection of Dos and Don'ts for dating. 
(Mainly a lot of Dos!)

Do: Plan dates that are snuggling inside on a cold night. 
Do: Make sure you have your favorite drinks for each other, here it's beer and wine. 
Do: Make sure you allow her to watch girly shows once in awhile, and act like you are interested. 
J was doing just this with the Golden Globes. 

Do: Guys, DO plan dates where YOU cook. 
Do: Make sure you get her favorite wine for dinner. 
Do: Make sure it can stay warm for when she is 2 hours late. 
Do: Know she will appreciate whatever you make because you cooked it. 

Do: Plan dates where you play games. 
Don't: Let her win every game.
Do: Allow yourself to be silly when you have fun times like these. 

Do: Listen to what each other says about wants and need. J knew I wanted to go ice skating and tried his best to get us in before it ended. 
Do: Plan ahead when it's 9 degrees outside. 
Do: Dress cute, you know she will want to take pictures of this event. 
Do: Go to a place where salad is available, ladies love salad. 

Dos and Don'ts might be different for everyone. 
But DO love each other and remind each other every day. 
Don't take any day for granted. 
Do enjoy the silly things in life. 

Most of all, be thankful and appreciative for everything. 


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