Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How is your resolution?

Many people make New Years resolutions, what was yours? Did you know the most popular is "weight loss", go figure in a country where there was a larger fret over the loss of Twinkie's that the issue of our fiscal cliff.

Moving on...a lot of people try to change their diet in order to achieve this goal, while many of us continue our normal workout routines and clean eating habits. Everyone goes off track during the holidays, as did I, and it makes getting back into eating Paleo even more difficult.

Tonight I tried a new idea after a trip to Trader Joes where I purchased ground beef for $2.69 a pound!! And my favorite french green beans of course. I wanted something clean but full of flavor.

I started with these two (gifts from Mom) in a saucepan on medium with some Italian Olive Oil (not entirely Paleo)...

Then added the ground beef and browned with these two, I steamed the green beans and topped them with the ground beef mixture...
The finished product was AMAZING! I made a sun dried pesto with balsamic sauce for over the top. I was perfectly full and felt very clean. Served with a glass of white wine! 

So what was was your resolution this year? Did it involve weight loss? Paleo? Let me know!


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