Monday, January 28, 2013

That Sweet Southern Drawl...

Me: noticing the woman at the booth was freezing, "You must be cold out here."

Woman: "Oooo it's so cold here. I hate the cold."

Me: apparently sharing the debut of my new accent "Girl, you're in the wrong seeeedy then."


What makes someone have an accent? People aren't just born with accents. Based on my graduate studies, students adapt and learn language based on their surroundings. So as adults, how long does it take us to learn a new "accent". A British accent seems to stay with people no matter how long they are out of the UK, what makes one accent stronger than another?

When I was living in Cincinnati, I strongly disliked this somewhat MidWestern thing that was going on. Since I've been surrounded with accents for the last week and having moved to a very southern city, i'm long until I break into a full Sweet Southern Drawl?

Can't say I hate it! :)


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