Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweet Sweet Potatoes...

Those of you who are Paleo, eat Paleo(ish), try to eat healthy or have just come to realization that you may be in a bikini in less than 2 months, listen up...I UNDERSTAND!

I understand that it gets boring to eat healthy. 
I understand going crazy and eating a cupcake (or 3). 
I understand the break down after the cupcake (or 5). 
I understand watching skinny people eat whatever they want. 
I understand watching the Red Carpet and wondering "how do they look like that?
But I also understand getting on the scale and seeing it go down. (Yay!)
But I also understand putting on your bikini and feeling like a million bucks. 
Most of all I understand the difficulty of getting back on track. 

This week J and I were sick of boring things and I had made 3 meals already this week, so it was about time for a "leftover night"! I would say these recipes are Paleo(ish) depending on how closely you follow the Paleo diet. If you're working out, this dinner is the perfect balance for you. 

The other night I made J his favorite veggie, canned green beans. I'm can deal with them (not a fan) most of the time, so I decided to spice it up a bit. Below you can see where I sautéed half baked bacon, garlic and coconut oil. After I felt the bacon was mostly done, I added two cans of green beans, half drained. SO EASY! 

I used the left overs of the green beans in our meal last night. They were even better the next day! Our protein for the night was a VERY simple baked chicken. If you allow certain oils in your diet, marinate the chicken breasts in regular italian dressing then bake the chicken in that dressing until it's fully cooked. So juicy and very flavorful. (I also used this chicken for a veggie chicken scramble earlier this week for breakfast!)

The sweet potato mash is something I play around with often. I have posted recipes with pumpkin, cinnamon, apple butter, honey, agave, maple syrup. We love sweet potatoes and they are great source of good carbs, but just like bacon don't eat it every day.

Note: Just because you are Paleo or do CrossFit it does NOT give you free reign for bacon, it's still VERY fatty. Just saying, ladies. :)

Any who, this sweet potato mash was made of left over sliced sp, I mashed them added cinnamon, apple butter (Trader Joes, doesn't actually have butter in it) and a drizzle of honey. J loved them and they added a great sweetness to the meal.

While I'm at it I'll share this lovely dessert I made the other night as well. J has been wanting to put on weight but told me "No Sweets or Treats Babe!" So I've been wanting to make healthier options for desserts. This night we had fish and veggies so I made this SUPER simple dessert. (Kids would love this too!)

3 Peeled, Cored and Sliced Yellow Apples 
3 Spoons of Coconut Oil 
Dashes of Cinnamon
Little Water 

Bake at 350 until soft, add honey or maple syrup and bake an additional 5 minutes. 
Stir and enjoy! 
Sometimes I melt a nut butter and smother it with that if I need more calories. 


Do y'all have any healthy recipes you like? Send them my way! I love getting new ideas!


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