Monday, February 4, 2013

The Battle of Commercials...

Considering I didn't care for either team last night I chose the underdog, Go Ravens! And mainly cared about a new cider I was drinking. We went to J's aunt and uncles house for the game, his family is always so much fun!

The best part of this game for me was the half time show, although I thought it was rather short...I appreciated Beyonce and the Destiny's Child appearance. If you were a teenager in 2003, you loved Destiny's Child! Putting all lip syncing matters aside, Beyonce has done something many celebrities have not...she did everything in the proper order. She has an amazing career, then got married and then had a child. How many stars can say they set that great example for our youth? She is a beautiful, talented and hard working young woman. Touchè Beyonce. I loved the show!

As for commercials I was disappointed over all. The only ones that stuck out in y mind were the heart warming Clydesdale commercial. Come on, that hit every pet owner. So sweet! I was disgusted and disappointed that the GoDaddy Commerical was even allowed to be aired. I have issues with nasty sounds and that commercial drove me crazy, not to mention the repulsiveness of the two. Yuck! But the one I really enjoyed the most was the Dodge Farmer Commercial. Although we are a Ford family, the commerical caught my attention and really made me smile. (Especially sitting in a room with many American farmers.) that voice over, Paul Harvey I think, was phenomenal.

Did any of you like the commercials? Or are you a 49ers or Ravens fan? Either way hope it was a blast!


ps, here is the Cider we had last night. Amaaaaaaazing!

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