Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Color Red

This week has been filled with the color red, blame it on Valentine's Day, love in the air or just the popularity of the incorporating the color red into any outfit. 
We went out with some friends the other night and I must say it was a good ole time! I realized how much older I'm getting, because we lasted downtown about an hour. Haha. 

I wanted to wear something a little sassy and girly at the same time, but the colder weather puts a damper on any fun ideas. I have had these "UK" blue pants since last spring and they haven't really fit. I finally decided to rock them tonight, SUCCESS! Eating clean does pay off, now if I can get back into my gym routine at a new gym I will be set! It's another adorable outfit that doesn't break the bank!

Sequin Black Tank Top: Target $4.50
Jeweled Blue Bracelet: Target $10
Royal Blue Cigarette Pants: NY& Co. $21
Black Pumps: DSW $11
Leopard Cuffed Blazer (below): Nordstrom Rack $25

Besides the outfit, we had some yummy drinks at a new bar! Henry Clay! Very classy! 

One of Jason's best friends is in school at UK and his girlfriend and I get a long like peas and carrots. We are enough alike to have on similar outfits and pull out the SAME Lilly Pulitzer koozie at the bar. Haha we died when that happened. She is a total sweetheart and I'm thankful for that every day. We have all had your significant other be friends or girlfriends of friends just not your kinda people. Not this time! :) 

This is J and I at Henry Clay. As you can see, RED LIPS! I finally gave in and wore them for something other than theatrical performances. (hehe) What do you think?

Here is a little tip on the lipstick. Trends in colors are great, but who wants to buy the MAC or Chanel version of a color you will never wear again? I picked this up at CVS, it was free by the way because of my CVS rewards bucks if you don't shop there check it out and get an employee to explain the rewards. It's Wet n Wild but it's like a stain! Which was great because as soon as J saw my lips he stepped back like no way are you kissing me! I laughed and landed one on him, NOTHING! It's great!

Do you wear red lipstick? What's your favorite color/brand?


ps. my nails were also red last week, this is pretty normal for me though, I love classic colors nudes, pinks or reds are usually my pick. Thinking pink for this week! :) 

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  1. Love the outfit! I can't imagine wearing anything but boots these days... It's just too cold. We did just have a few winter-mild days (like, brief highs in the 50s), and I broke out my ballet flats. But today, I'm back in warm winter boots.

    I just had my first mani with the new gel polish everyone's been talking about for ages (so, I guess it's not THAT new...). I chose OPI's "Princesses Rules," a pale pink sparkly hue. I love it! Definitely rocking it for three weeks, when I'll get it changed for my bestie's wedding.