Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Gluten Free Experiment

I have been wanting to try some Gluten Free (GF from now on) options but never had the opportunity (guts) to try them. Last night J came up to visit me and I wanted something easy and simple but also GF. I searched Trader Joes and didn't see anything that was really appetizing, so of course my next stop was Whole Foods. 

My Goals:
- GF pizza
- with meat
- most likely not dairy free 
- looked appetizing 
- under $15 (what we would spend to order it)

After lots of searching and back and forth...this is what I ended up with. Against The Grain! 
(It was $11.99!!)

J doesn't really do (care about) GF, but I was super excited to try it. This is what the pizza looked like prior to added things. Oops! 

There wasn't enough meat on the pizza so I added turkey sausage and some cheddar (all I had) cheese to bind it to the pizza. We wanted it crispy so I put it right on the rack for about 15 minutes. It smelled SO good! 

The finished product looked JUST like a regular pizza and smelled amazing! The final test was next...

Obviously it was an Italian themed night, so I added a salad and wine. I was proud of the set up! 

The verdict: AMAZING! The pizza tasted so similar to regular pizza and it was super easy. We were full after two small slices. I was impressed that we liked the GF version and I will definitely be trying this again. Way to go Against The Grain!

Date night success! New pizza, libations and finally got to see Seven Pounds (6 years later) haha. It was an amazing movie and one I definitely recommend.

I had to add this little extra. I came home to lots of packages but I put this one together first. Some of you may know I shattered my iPhone a couple weeks ago, so I ordered this special Speck case. It was FAR too simple so I had to add the perfect monogrammed decal. Ta-Da! So easy and I'm in love. Out with the black and in with the pink and monogrammed!

What is your favorite GF item? Do you have any GF recipes to share? I'm always open to new ones!



  1. Cute monogram decal! Where is it from?

  2. I was GF for a few years in middle/high school. My favorite dessert was peanut butter Rice Krispie treats. I was also dairy-free... The combo was so hard! This was well before GF was popular, and stores had maybe a few stuff by the Annie's brand. I remember eating a lot of cream of rice with an Equal packet and a spoonful of peanut butter mixed in.

  3. Hey Kristin! It's from a Etsy shop. CountryCraftandVinyl, great price too!

    BV that sounds like Paleo! Dairy and Gluten free has been my life for over a year now. :) All of that sounds amazing!