Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Perfect Year

On March 5 J and I celebrated one year together. What a crazy, wonderful, beautiful, love filled, busy year it's been. I was wondering what we would do to celebrate. It was on a Tuesday evening and I had work so we planned to do dinner together. He had something planned and I couldn't wait!

As we were driving I couldn't tell where we were going, all I knew was that I was hungry and ready to relax with my handsome love.

We ended up at Jean Farris Winery here in Lexington. Single red rose. 

Amazing menu!

 Perfect white wine.

Cheese board with amazing sausage. 

My chardonay chicken. Ridiculous. 

His lobster pasta, smelled so good!

Beautiful atmosphere. 

The bow-ties I gave him for our anniversary. His first ones!

I put this together for him as well. 
"The race of life may be hard, but it's best to run it with someone you love." 
All of our races from our first year. 

It all looked so pretty. He gave me beautiful flowers and a massage GC. 

I cannot help but smile writing this post. What a beautiful year I have had with this handsome man. He is my best friend and boyfriend. He is there when I'm happy and when I'm sad. He loves me even though I'm crazy. He has shown me how to appreciate the little things and how to look at the big picture. Most of all, he has loved me. Loved me through happy times and hard times. Loved me and and my family. Loved me on weekends and week days. Loved me, for me. 

I'm so thankful for you J! 

Happy One Year!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Days of St Pattys Past..

St. Patrick's Day has always been something to celebrate, although I feel as though it has become a bigger and bigger holiday as years have passed. I decided to look up my past St. Patty's pictures and relive some fun memories. 

Raising money at an Irish bar for Stomp The Swamp for Autism. 
All smiles with these two sweethearts. 

It was a friends 21st birthday, we spent it at Grog! 
Clearly having an awesome time and possibly in the same shirt as the year before?

Having a blast at Cantina. 
This is my best friend Juliana. We seem to love Irish holidays. 
Neither of us are full blooded Irish. Hmmmmm.

J and I in our very FIRST picture together. 
Spent St.Patty's at a birthday party for the twins. 
Then headed to a very UNirish bar for brews. 

This year was very special. J and I had a blast. 
We started at The Pub for Irish food and drinks. 
Ended up at a local bar with friends. 

Who knows where I will be next year, but I look forward to many more fun holidays with friends, family and my love. 

How was your St.Patrick's day?
Full of green beer I hope! 


Saturday, March 2, 2013


As most of you know, I started a new position with Cocoh! at Coba Cocina in Lexington, KY.

I will be doing everything from baking, to decorating to gelato to tasting! Haha.

I wanted to share some of the creations I have been perfecting. The key to this job is a good gym membership and small tastes of anything you have to taste before it goes out.

Strawberry Danish

Made From Scratch, Cinnamon Rolls

 Flan (topped with fried sweet potatoes rolled in cinnamon sugar)

Zeppoles (Italian Doughnuts) hand tossed in Cinnamon Sugar 

Hand-rolled chocolate filled Croissant. 

Gelato- Coconut, Chocolate, Cheesecake and Cinnamon

What would be your favorite treat?


Coupon Like A Queen...

Everyone has been asking for tips on couponing, so this is what I'm going to do. Explain each section of items and how to achieve the price you want. If you have further questions, feel free to ask! This is so easy and seriously anyone can do it!

Let's start by saying I cut coupons from newspapers and online. I also use CVS and Rite Aid perks for being a member.

Here is my haul for last week....
         Original Price (Before Tax): $160.12
      What I paid (Before Tax): $11.82!!!!!

Starting from the left to the right, 

Pure Spring- $19.99
It was buy one get one free with two $10 rewards for Rite Aid. 
They only had one left, so I asked what she could do. 
She gave it to me for free, because it would have come out free with the original deal. 
It also printed off a $10 UP rewards anyways (essentially free cash for Rite Aid)
Final: They paid me $10 to take it home
Schick Hydro Sensitive Shave Gel- $4.20 ($16.80 for 4)
There was a $4 ECB (Free cash for CVS) for each one. 
Making them .20cents each. (Which would be great!)
But I had a .75cents off each one as well! (Newspaper)
Final: They paid me $2.20 to take them home
Garnier- $1 each 
I found these at the Dollar Store!
Had $1 coupon for each, make sure they aren't the travel sized ones. 
Final: Both were free!
Essie Nail Polish: $8
This is the easiest of them all because no coupons were involved. 
Essie is always on sale at Rite Aid, this is Muchi Muchi. 
Final: $1.99
Carmex: $1.57 each ($6.28 total)
CVS had $3 ECB when you buy $6 worth. 
I had $2/2 Carmex Lip Balms (Online)
Final: .32cents each ($1.28 total)
Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste: $4.99 ($19.96 total) 
There was a CVS $4 ECB for each. 
Making the total $3.96 for 4! But...
I had coupons for each .50cents each!
Final: $1.96 or .49cents each! 
Colgate Toothbrush: $4.99
CVS ECB for $5 
Had a .50cent coupon for it. 
Final: They paid me .50cents to walk out the door with it! 
Thermacare Wraps: $3.49 ($6.98 for 2)
CVS had $3.49 ECB for these to make them free!
Final: FREE!
Poise Wash: $2.99 each ($5.98 for both)
Rite Aid had $2.99 in UP Rewards to make these free. 
But I also had $1 off each. 
Final: They paid me $2 to take these out of the store. 
Dove Body Wash: 2 for $7
Rite Aid Coupon for $3 off 
UP Rewards for $2
Final: $2 total and $1 Each! 
GUMS Flossers (Found these at the Dollar Store!): $1 Each 
Had .50cent coupons for each. 
Final: .50cents each for something I use every day.
Schick Razors: $7.99 each ($31.96 for 4)
Keep in mind these are a Razor plus 3 Replacements!! (Times 4 Packs)
$5 Target Gift Card for every 2 you buy. 
Plus I had $4 Off Every Single Razor! 
Killer deal for Razors!! 
Final: $5.96 or $1.49 PER!!
Lemon Amonia: $1.12 each, $2.24 total!
Coupon for Target, $2/2 Target cleaning supplies
Final: .12cents each!
Lastly and something I use EVERY DAY!
Aveeno Face Wash: $7.99 each ($23.97 total)
CVS Offer: $10 for every 3 Aveeno Products
I also had $2/2 and $1/1 Coupons
Plus my CVS card spit out $2/$5 or more facial purchase
Final: $8.97 or $2.99 Each!!

Seriously it's super easy!
If you can do simple math and cut or print paper, you're good to go!

What is your favorite coupon site?
Do you coupon?
What are some tips?

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