Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Makes You Think

So I spent the morning in the ER, with an allergic reaction to WHO KNOWS WHAT!? Given the time and mentally quiet experience after lots of medications, I began to think about life and people. I take pictures of life every day, so here are mine from today's experience.

The classic bracelet pic. 

Seems like fun right?

Bored as heck and happily medicated. 

Feeling much better and welling has gone down! Yippie!

So why you ask, am I even writing about this? Today was hard for me physically (duh) but mentally and emotionally as well. You see, the doctor woke me up to ask me who was coming to pick me up from the hospital because of the meds I couldn't drive. I realize I had people I could have called, but the people I would have called are no where near here. I realized...


This is a hard time for us because he is an hour and a half north of here and I don't get to see him as much as I would like to. He is working crazy hours, as am I. The drive sucks and we are just plain missing each other. I wanted to cry right then and there when she asked me that. 

Our dilemma is one that MANY couple go through, especially Christian couples. At this point the easiest thing for him to do would be to move in with me and we would figure life out together. But from being raised Southern Baptist and reading the bible, that is not the right thing to do prior to marriage. This dilemma has been brought up many times and J will respect my decision either way. But it's a hard one, I just wanna see him every day and get on with life. At the same time, I do not want to disobey my Savior. Keeping all of that in mind is this why Christian couples get married so soon in relationships? Because they feel that they can't live together prior? We wanna get married because we love each other not because we need a better financial situation. See my confusion? If you don't, that's ok too. Lots of couples live together before marriage. But we can't decide if it's for us. 

Bottom line...I miss my best friend, I miss my man. 


A Day In The Life...

Ok not really, my normal days are not like this but I had to share this special day because I've been trying to take the time to enjoy the little things. It started with an oral surgery consultation appointment, but let's not focus on the low point of the day. After that I decided to find a quiet place to grab a bite to eat and organize my coupons, I know I'm so exciting. I poked around Hamburg, a nice shopping area here in Lex and ended up at Chrisman Mill Winery ( It's a quaint little place that has tapas and wine, the actual vineyard is out in Nicholasville, KY. I was very excited to see no one in the place and kindly asked the lady if she minded if I did paper work. 

I ordered their strawberry sangria, I wanted something sweet and light. It was amazing! Made with their version of a riesling. For a snack I asked her favorite dish, usually what I do at a new place. She recommended the bruschetta and I'm so glad she did. It was AMAZING! 

This is obviously what it actually looked like when I got started with my coupons. Luckily no one came in while I was there so I had full reign of the bar to spread and organize, clearly this took awhile but it was definitely worth it!

I was there for over two hours, so I decided to try their signature dessert. A ghirardelli bread pudding topped with a white wine reduction sauce. We have a bread pudding at work, so I wanted to try it! It was divine, the balance between the melted chocolate in the middle and the white wine sauce was amazing. I also might add each section of my meal was only $5! 


Next I stopped by my new favorite consignment shop...Clothes Mentor! I was shopping for dresses for work and ended up finding this gem! Couple awesome things...#1 It's a Lilly, we all know I love Lilly. #2 It's a size 8...very exciting for me! #3 It was only $30!!! Stop it! Original retail was over $250! This made my day, with all the weddings and events we have this year, perfect find!

 It was a beautiful Kentucky day, so I spend most of it with the windows down. As they say I totally "let my hair down" physically and mentally. It was amazing and relaxing.

I ended my outing with a massage at Massage Envy, an anniversary gift from my prince charming. I was so excited to get a full body massage and I added a sugar foot scrub! It was amazing! 

When I got home I saw a package, it was a very fun surprise from my bestie Becky! She works for Mars, so I wasn't surprised to open the box to TONS of chocolate goodies. Can't complain, she knows me well. And this little gift wrapped up in paper...

If this isn't perfect for me, I don't know what it is!! It has Gators with BOWS!! Stop it. I'm in love! Not only was I touched that she thought of me, but she knows me so well. This made my day. 

I crawled into bed and watched The Family Stone, goodNESS I love that move. In tear soaked cheeks I found this little quote and thought it was very applicable to my day, please remember...

This was the perfect alone day for me. 
What do you like to do in your alone time?


Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Trends...

On a budget! I love doing posts about Nordstrom clothing because well it's Nordstrom and I love them. But today I'm going to post all of my choices from my favorite go to...Target!!! Anything I post on here is available at! All prices based on online pricing.

Maxi Dress $29.99

Yellow Dress $27.99

Red Ruffle Swimsuit $27.00

Striped Skirt $22.99

Mint Top $19.99

Pink Sleeve-Less Top $19.99

Flats $19.99

Satchel $32.99

What are your favorite trends for spring?
Obviously I love bright colors for spring!