Thursday, May 2, 2013

Women's Guide to Horse Racing...

After moving to Kentucky, horse racing just naturally became a part of my life. This also applies to bourbon which has not been as easy to assimilate to. My first time to Keeneland was a blast! We went with our friends Ben and Brittany. Had a chance to chat and tailgate a bit before we entered. Going on a Sunday is a much different experience, from what I have heard. It wasn't as busy and the crowd was very diverse. That particular Sunday was Horses For Hope, a breast cancer foundation fundraiser. In honor of this and my grandmother who is a survivor, we wore pink! Here are some shots from the day:

Brittany and I...

Jason and I, all pink!

Ben and Brittany, cuties!

Keeneland drinks! 

Right before our first race...

Beautiful track!

Close up!

Keeneland was amazing but I have always wanted to go to Churchill Downs, I mean the Derby is an iconic event for everyone! Particularly for fashionistas and folks of the south. Jason's brother is engaged to a sweet young woman named Brittany and Saturday was her birthday. Her family invited us to the opening night of Churchill Downs and I could NOT have been more excited. Below are some shots from our evening...

Everyone outside of Churchill...

J and I all dressed up...

He is so stinkin cute!

All smiles at the races...

Gentlemen of the group...

I love you!

So what are my top things about going to the races?
1. Know what you want to spend on betting and if you win, keep those winnings!
2. Make sure you drink the signature drink, for Churchill that was a Lilly for me. Came in a beautiful glass to take home as well. 
3. Dress to the nines, even if not everyone around you does. It's fun!
4. If you are attending during the day, wear a hat! Where else can you wear a hat and feel amazing?
5. Unless you are in the jockey suites and heels are a must have for your outfit, wear flats! 
6. Go with friends you know you will have fun with! 
7. Eat before somewhere filling, you will still end up eating there but at least go in full. 

Most of all, enjoy the races! It was truly an amazing experience. One thing checked off of my Kentucky bucket list! 


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