Monday, July 29, 2013

Lexington Eats: Shakespeare & Co.

Let's face it, I LOVE food. I grew up around food with an Italian grandmother, a Southern grandmother and two parents in the food industry it was hard to stay away from. As a child I ate foods that most adults haven't tried, which has caused me to be a picky eater as an adult. I know what I like and I definitely know what I don't like. I also love trying new things! Lexington isn't on the map as one of the best cities for fine dining, but there are many hidden gems that most people don't know about or have heard bad reviews. I've decided to review some of the restaurants I have tried that are AWESOME and one I just visited yesterday.

Shakespeare and Co. Cafe-Restaurant
Address: 367 W Short St, Lexington, KY 40507
Phone:(859) 367-0413

I went in last night after a library sesh and just wanted to relax, eat a good meal and enjoy some alone time. I was thinking brunch all day, although it was now 5pm, so I was thrilled to see they serve their ENTIRE menu all day long. Sweet! Breakfast was still available. I started with a mimosa, duh! Came in this cute glass with fresh blueberries. 

Next it was onto food, HUGE menu but I knew I wanted breakfast of some kind. Eggs or crepes? Omelet or scrambled? Hard choices. But the first page of the menu offered full breakfasts including a juice and coffee/tea. I went with a "healthy option" and had the choice to substitute gluten-free bread! Ummm ya, GF options! 

I'm a presentation person like WOAH, but it has to taste as good as it looks. This restaurant knocked it out of the park for both! Amazing flavor for the omelet, beautiful presentation and the gluten-free bread...ridiculous! The dill seasoning in the omelet was paired perfectly with the roasted red potatoes. The greek "natural" yogurt was obviously more savory than sweet so I mixed in the pure honey which was super yummy. 

So many cups and glasses! Haha. 

 Obviously brought my books with me. No time to waste (Exam 1 of 2 if tomorrow! Eeeek!)

I MUST show you the ambiance of the restaurant because it is adorable. The theme is obviously Shakespeare and the decor is precious. Below is the bathroom, look at those black and white tiles! Absolutely adorable! 

This is the outdoor seating in the back, where I sat today. It reminded me of when I was in Italy and dined out doors with a coffee in hand. Not to mention there was an Italian family next to me speaking the language, which was helpful. :) 

Inside of the dining room. All different sized tables, cute chairs and a collection of patrons who were confused by me taking a picture of them. Haha. I can't wait to bring J back here for dinner. 

Overall grade: A
Food: A
Service: A+
Ambiance: A+
Cost: A
   Breakdown: Drink $7
                        Meal (including coffee) $12
                        Total with tip: $24


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  1. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Lexington! I absolutely love their food, and you're right, the GF bread is really good!
    I had no idea they had a back patio, so I'll have to try to sit here next time.