Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 10 ways to save on the big day... told by my twitter followers. 

I asked my twitter followers to tell me their #1 way to save money on their big day. They had TONS of amazing answers and here are some of the best that I'm sure J and I can use one day next year. (A full proposal story and post is on its way, don't you worry.) 

#10. Host everything for the big day at one place, such as a plantation. Rehearsal, get ready, lunch and everything. Saves money on a hotel and everyone gets to be together. 

#9. When you go dress shopping, don't look at price tags look at the dress. This can go either way but in the end it CAN end up in your favor. If you choose a dress based on loving it rather than it being your favorite designer you can save thousands of dollars. 

#8. Make sure to choose flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. This seems logical but once you see that Pinterest post with peonies in julep cups that you MUST have then realize they aren't in season for your big day. It will cost an arm and a leg to get them in...that's if you can even GET them. 

#7. Host the reception at a nice restaurant. Amazing food, great service and all the linens, crystal, china, tables and flatware are included. 

#6. Don't fall in love with the first venue you visit and sign on the dotted line. It's easy to get excited while touring possible places to celebrate the big day, make sure you see multiple places. You may find one you like better and end up saving thousands, just by being patient and smart.  

#5. Think about having your wedding on an off day. If you MUST have your wedding in the peek of wedding season, think about having it on a Friday evening or Sunday brunch. Seems odd, but they are becoming more and more popular. People are becoming more used to attending weddings on these other days and it can save you TONS of money. 

#4. Flowers are gorgeous, but candlelight and lanterns can be just as romantic. Think outside of the box when it comes to decorations and always think ahead when buying. Use sales a craft stores to stock up on items you know would be useful for your big day. 

#3. Cut your guest list. Trust me, this is going to be hard but worth it. I had a friend say to me last night they are following this rule "we like this person, but enough to pay for them to eat and drink?" Haha, I laughed but it's true. We are having family and close friends, VERY limited guest list. We are currently debating having children at the wedding mainly because of the venue and the fact that I work with children on a daily basis. But children can be a huge cost if your per person total is $85-$100 whether the person is 1 or 100 and that child doesn't eat a thing. Definitely something to think about. 

#2. Buy the beer and wine yourself! This is a GREAT idea. The only hold up is if you have a venue that doesn't allow you to bring in your own alcohol. If they do this not only saves you money but allows you to choose your favorite wine and beer selections! 

#1. Do the invitations yourself! Although I'm a sucker for a gorgeous professionally done invitation and I LOVE getting invitations in the mail. In the end...85% end up in the trash. If you are crafty and have an eye for perfection (and a willing mother) do them yourself! This can save hundreds if not thousands! 

Those are the top 10 for now, I will re-do the top 10 things after our wedding to let y'all know which ones actually worked out for us. Cannot wait to share our proposal pictures. 2014 will be a very exciting year. 

Cheers and Happy New Year! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fall Favorites

I cannot believe 3 months has past since I last posted. Here are some of my iPhone favorites from fall...