Saturday, May 10, 2014

Advocare 24 Day Challenge...

What is this? Why is everyone talking about it? How do I get my hands on some?

   That is kind of how I felt for awhile. My friend from high school sells it and I've been hearing about it for about a year now. As a CrossFitter, some of my friends from other boxes started using it so I began to think maybe it was more than a "weight lose gimmick." I began my research back in September 2013. I wanted to make sure it was something that I REALLY want to do. My doctor forbid me from having caffeine, so I knew that I wasn't allowed to have one of the most awesome components…Spark. (Yes, if you know Advocare this was a sad realization.) But I continued my research and read blog after blog about people and their results. I wanted to see how it affected people both during and after the process. I'm not into fad diets and really wanted something that would affect me as a whole body, a whole person. Fast forward to April of this year. I FINALLY came to the point where I was ready to take on this exciting journey. I placed my order and on April 9th, 2014 I start my first Advocare 24 Day challenge.

   Now, don't get my wrong it was hard but it was definitely worth it in the end. The first 10 days are a cleanse period. Not a weird cleanse where you need to be at home "in case" but a cleanse where you actually get to eat and workout and be a normal functioning member of society. During that time it was all about the focus, making sure that I knew EXACTLY what I was working for. See, I eat like a freak on a normal basis. I'm dairy free and pretty much gluten free as well. That doesn't mean I don't eat brownies at J's Mom's when she makes them post family meal, it just means my daily routine doesn't include bread. So the actually diet portion of the challenge wasn't hard for me. I do CrossFit 4-5 times a week, so the workout portion wasn't that bad for me. Confession: I didn't get to work out as much as I normally do during the challenge because we bought a house smack in the middle of the 24 days. (Oops, life happens.) The hardest part for me, yes this is the truth, was no alcohol…mainly no wine. Now don't get me wrong, after about 12-13 days I was over it. But I was kinda bummed the first couple Fridays when I wanted a glass after a long week with my students. Like anything though, you get over it. I had a goal in my mind and I wanted to reach that goal. If that meant no wine, then no wine. (Sidenote: my challenge has been over for 3 days and I haven't had a glass yet.)

   The second part of the challenge is the max phase. This phase was much easier for me. It included a lot of pills but they are natural (trust me, I researched this in the 6 months I spent NOT ordering while I made sure this was good for my body). But I felt amazing. I was so full at times I had to force myself to eat in order to keep my metabolism up. I LOVED the meal replacement shakes and will be getting those for my cleanse the next time I do one again. This is when I really started to see things happen…PR's at the gym (personal records for those of you that aren't gym rats), weight loss, muscle definition and over all feeling like an awesome person!

   The greatest thing about the challenge (and any Advocare products really) is that it's all about YOU. I say this to people in my life daily…it has to be something YOU want. YOUR goals because it's YOUR body. (Well it is really God's body, but we will get to that in a minute.) I did this challenge for me, because I wanted to see results. Every single one of you is beautiful and you have to remember that some awesome program may change your outside appearance but most of all I want it to change your confidence. I want you to wake up feeling like you can take over the world! I want you to wake up knowing you are AWESOME!

   Before I share my results I have to make this statement, I HATE bathing suits. I particularly hate pictures IN bathing suits. So this is going to be VERY hard to post. But when I'm doing any kind of training or when I get made fun of for eating weird (gf or df) I always think of this verse from the bible on fitness…
"Don't you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?" - 1 Corinthians 6:19

  Your body is a temple. If we think of our body as a temple it changes the way we eat, how often we exercise and how we picture ourselves. I saw this challenge as a way to "rebuild" the temple God gave me, using all natural products, eating healthy and lots of working out. There is nothing "magic" about Advocare. You still have to work hard and eat right. So although this challenge motivation may come from YOU, make sure to remember this body we have is God's and we only have one. 

That being said, in the 24 day challenge…I lost 8.8lbs and 11.5 inches!!!

   Wow, that was hard to post. Putting myself out there makes me feel VERY vulnerable. I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but God has given me content in my heart that I'm ok where I am. I could FEEL a difference. I loved the way I looked but more importantly I love the way I felt at the end. (don't mind my second picture, we are moving and my house is in shambles.) I saw muscle definition and weight loss, COMBINED! 

   I loved this challenge so much, I'm doing a max phase again to see more results and better yet, I decided to sell it in order to help to other friends make their goals. If you know someone that could benefit from making their life healthier would enjoy learning about Advocare I would love to chat with them. I'm PUMPED about this company. They are a Christian based company, they have amazing products and most of all I get to Coach people into being more AWESOME versions of themselves. I'm loving it. 

   If you have questions, email me. Seriously I asked 100 questions before I started and during the challenge as well. If you wanna see what I would send you to motivate you, ask. I'll send it to you just to get you excited. If you just wanna chat, email me! 

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