Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Best Night Of My Life...

Good morning y'all! It has been 8 months, almost to the day, since I last blogged. Planning a wedding, moving into our first house, bridal showers, bachelorette, starting two new jobs and now being a wife has kept me a little busy. (BUT) I miss blogging!

This post is literally going to be ALL of my favorite pictures from our wedding. I have to brag on our photographers because not only are they are awesome friends of ours but they also traveled all the way from Nashville, TN to shoot our wedding in Naples, FL. They are an awesome husband/wife team that captured every precious moment of our big day. If you need a photographer for ANYTHING, contact them...
Here is their site, check them out!

Our wedding week, rehearsal, bridal sleepover, wedding day and wedding night were all straight out of a fairytale. Our friends and family traveled from near and far to celebrate our joyous day of marriage. We were (and still are) blown away by the love and generosity of our loved ones. 

My Mom, Dad and Les worked day and night to make this everything I have ever dreamed. I will forever be in debt to them for making all of my wedding dreams, a reality. There is something to be said for parents who will literally spend more time on your wedding details than you could even contribute. I am eternally thankful for parents that care about making moments into memories with me. (And now J too!) Planning a wedding from 4 states away made this process even more difficult. But with the help of my parents and our vendor friends we pulled it off without a hitch. 

My next few posts will be highlighting some of our AMAZING vendors and all of the beautiful details that went into making this weekend such a dream come true. 

After all, it's all about the experience. 

(for the first time on SSS) 
Mrs. Lauren Elizabeth Ritter 

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