Thursday, January 14, 2016

Valentine's Day for Him...

February 14th. A day when women expect the absolute best out of a holiday created by Hallmark. (Ok, I realize there is a history to it all, but still.) Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t want to be spoiled? But this post is focused on how to spoil your man! Unless you have a holiday in your state called Sweetest Day (which I didn’t know existed until I moved to Ohio) then you should probably do something nice for your significant other.

A typical Valentine’s wishlist for a woman usually includes: flowers, chocolates, a hot stone massage, a fancy get the point. None of the above (except maybe the massage) is on a man’s wish list. I have compiled a list of gifts, ranging in price, that your man might be interested in. If you have something to add, please comment with more ideas! I would love to update the list.

Get him a Netflix account.
I feel like most everyone I know has Netflix, but if you are one of the few that do not...this is perfect! We all love to binge watch the new Netflix series’, guys included. Why not get him a Netflix account for under $10 a month? For a one year subscription it will cost you right around $100, depending on how fancy your HD is. If he doesn’t like it, you cancel! No questions asked.
Cost: $100/year
Tickets to his favorite sporting event
This is an obvious one. But we often forget some of the most obvious ideas. This time of year they could include basketball or baseball. StubHub is a great place to buy sporting tickets at wonderful prices! Check them out here. If you plan on buying tickets to a sporting event, make sure it’s a day that he can take off work and more importantly make sure they are for a team he enjoys watching.
Cost: $50+ depending on the sport
Yeti Tumbler
If you are not familiar with the Yeti company, please check them out! Being a Florida native, I’m very familiar with Yeti coolers and their amazing ability to keep contents cold for like EVER. They recently introduced a Tumbler and it’s been sold out almost everywhere. Now that the Christmas rush is over, you should be able to track one down. The bigger size is great for any man! (I know J has been wanting one for awhile.)
Cost: $40
Weekender Satchel
I am in love with the monogrammed weekender bag that my girlfriend sent me for Christmas this year. Anything Tucker Nuck is high quality and always classically in style. This satchel is definitely unisex and this particular one is perfect for the gents. It is big enough to hold everything they would need for a week long trip, but small enough to take as a carry on.
Cost: $120
Upgrade his Wallet
Most of the guys my age have either invested in a "big boy" wallet or need a serious wallet makeover. Be a doll and purchase something leather and sleek for your man. No offense if your wallet still velcros, but at some point we all have to grow up. This gorgeous vertical wallet by Jack Spade is slim and 100% full grain leather. Don't wait too long! It is half off right now! Originally $88.
Cost: $39
Let's be honest...most of our men would love a nice bottle of _______________<<<< insert his favorite liquor here. I love to find the "gift sets" around Christmas or at Costco that have engraved glasses with them. It always makes the gift seem like a little bit more than just a bottle of booze. Have fun with it! Maybe try a new distillery or label. Most Kentucky men love a good bottle of Blanton's.
Cost: $40+
Undivided Attention
Sometimes this is all he wants. Between careers, cell phones, emails, text messages, calls, tweets, posts, grams, family, friends, blogging, church...where does he fit in? I mean really. If you have kids on top of all of that...bless you. Give some undivided attention to the love of your life. I cannot claim that I give this often, because I do not. We all have to make a serious effort to be present. Not just to be. Be as present as you were the day you said your vows.(Cheesy picture of this moment above) Give him one day, one meal or just one hour of YOU! Laugh, talk, share, reminisce and enjoy each other. We are all going through something. Some of us are approaching the storm, some of us are in it and the rest of us are just getting out of it. Whatever position you are around the storm, giving your undivided attention would be a gift like no other. Just try it! Let me know how it goes. Who knows, you might avoid the storm altogether.
Cost: Priceless

Now that I have finished this post, I should actually go order something for my Valentine. I look forward to hearing about y'alls Valentines! Please let me know if you think of something else to add to this list. Guys are always harder to buy for on holidays like this; we can use all the help we can get!

Don't forget to be present.

mrs. r

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